Rollin Ballads

Rollin Ballads album released on CD format, based on neo-classical collages and synthesized field recordings rife with hidden melodies and abstract structures.

Rollin Ballads CD photo

Boomkat Blessed with a beautiful grasp of dreamlike dynamics applied with a featherweight touch, ‘Rollin Ballads’ weaves recordings made on location in various European cities with slow breathing strings and gravity-defiant synth atmospheres . In the hands of many this formula can becoming bland and trying, but Gastón’s deceptively innocent arrangements suspend disbelief by a silver thread allowing for that feeling of your heart heading upwards and taking your body with it, through finest layers of gauzy warm drizzle in ‘Souvenir (re-ambiented)’ to the widescreen shimmer of bells and tidal atmosphere in ‘Le Pont’ to the GAS-like ‘Land of mispalced dreams’ and the underwater moonscapes of ‘Selvagem’.

Igloo Mag Rollin Ballads is classically ambient, a watercolour wash of palpable, agreeable texture beneath which themes emerge and recur, amounting in a graceful, nine-movement suite beautifully composed.

Vital Weekly Unlike some of the drone like releases that we usually find in Vital Weekly, there is a romantic notion about this music, with all that string like processing that takes place (think those early Gas releases setting the template for this music). I think this was a great CD for some early morning coffee, wake up time. Perfect chill out.

Indie Rock Mag Marqué par une certaine francophilie et une obsession de la mémoire géographique, l’album nous entraîne ainsi d’élégies seinoises en rêveries luxembourgeoises, de percussions ballotées par le vent (Le Pont) en affleurements de cordes spleenétiques (Voyageur sur terre), à la recherche du temps perdu et de ces mélodies souterraines que la mémoire synesthésique associe aux humeurs qui nous hantent…

Blackaudio There is a real sense of space and time that plays out well throughout the majority of this release and it’s easy to find your mind reaching out visually to the backdrop that is portrayed through your speakers…(8/10)

Christopher Nosnibor (w&h) This is no country / folk album, but a series of soft sonic washes, subtly shaded and lightly textured widescreen ambience akin to listening to the sky.

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