After more than 6 years from my previous full-length album, see the light a new exploratory themed album Terrain, a color-in-color double vynil LP.

Terrain Vinil LP front photo

The concept behind this album was to create an ambience sonic journey in form of expedition diary, trying to capture differents moments over a mountain landscape ascent.

At the moment tracks have been featured on radio stations like:
KEXP (USA), Polskie Radio (Poland) , ERR (Estonian national radio), Radio 100,7 (Luxemburg), Radio1 (Czech Republic), Radio Campus (France).

from the label “Field recordings from Patagonia enhance the feeling of freedom, one can only find from the great outdoors. Adorned with drifting harmonies; shimmering guitars; dense pads of cloud; gentle rising mists; the sound of shallow rivers and morning bird-calls; it all comes together to create a vivid and intrepid scene told across a variety of full-length tracks and short interludes. These breaks, acting as breathers and moments to reflect amongst mother-natures finest grandeur.”

headphonecommute “…Because one day, even all this, will pass… with all its pain, with all this angst, and all this beauty. Terrain is a time-capturing device (the way a film can capture light, this album stores a ‘time’ in sound), and I am sure that I’ll return to all its charm in many years to come… I have a feeling you will see this record on a few “best of the year” lists. So grab your copy before it all sells out. “

juno “Here the often-overlooked ambient producer delivers a fine belated sequel that was apparently designed as, “a themed albuk told through the lens of an expedition diary”. In effect it’s a kind of imaginary soundtrack, with Arevalo setting his impeccable musical movements - think colourful but enveloping ambient chords, swelling synth-strings, slow-burn electronic melodies and barely recognisable, processed guitar sounds - to atmospheric field recordings made in Patagonia. It’s a stunning combination all told, with frequently emotive results.”

drifting, almost falling “He infuses the pieces with plenty of synths and guitar as well as field recordings to provide a complete take on the genre… In some ways Terrain is a bit of a mix tape as he takes you on a journey that gives the impression that you are listening to a compilation… Terrain is the kind of album to explore. With the titles of the pieces and the style of them hinting at exploring texture and tone, it’s the kind of album to explore at your own pace.”

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